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Υποτροφία διδακτορικού στην Οργανωτική Ψυχολογία στην Ελλάδα


Research Assistant (PhD Studentship)
Project Title: Improving quality and Safety in the hospital: The link between organizational culture, job burnout and quality of care (ORCAB)
3-year research project (2012-2015), funded by European Union FP7

Post title: Research Assistant (PhD)
Institution: University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece
Department: Department of Education and Social Policy
Primary Investigator: Dr. Anthony Montgomery, Assistant Professor in Work & Organizational Psychology
Application deadline: 15th February 2012

Project description
ORCAB aims at benchmarking the organizational factors that impact on health professionals well being, quality of hospital care and patient safety. It also aims to design bottom-up interventions in order to improve patient safety and quality of hospital care. Ten partnes from nine European copuntrioes are participating in the project. ORCAB is coordinated by Aristotle Univeristy of Thessaloniki, Greece. The total budget project is 2,480,640 Euro.
Information of ORCAB can be found at:
Job specification
We are looking for a Research Assistant (RA) to assist with the overall research management and implementation. They will be based at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece. Applicants are required to speak English and Greek. They should have a MA/MSc degree and background academic experience in one or more of these areas: Organisational Psychology, Occupational Psychology or Health Psychology. Strong administration and IT skills are required, together with good knowledge of qualitative and some quantitative methodologies. We are looking for a RA who is highly committed to our team and motivated to offer his/her input with ideas as to both the project development and the implementation of his/her own PhD.
Duties and responsibilities:
• Undertake administrative work, including database and accounting maintenance, liaising with university officers
• Conduct literature and data searches, assist with literature review
• Assist with the fieldwork research, develop and maintain contacts with schools, researchers, academics and related professionals
• Transcription, assist with interpretation and analysis of data
• Make an active contribution to the project development as part of a collaborative interdisciplinary research team

Application procedure
Please send the following to Dr. Montgomery ( no later than 15th February 2012:
1. A two-page CV in English.
2. A sample of academic/research work in English (e.g. from your MA/MSc dissertation).

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